Checking things off my list thanks to Bravestation

Well I checked off my first task on my list of Surviving Summer Stress. I saw my favourite band on Tuesday night in London.

I first came across Bravestation in September 2010. I was given an assignment to review three bands at the Mansion in Kingston. It was the first time I had ever done a concert review so I was petrified. I was the shy girl in the corner who didn’t feel cool enough to be at a concert.

But I left the show irrevocably in love with Bravestation. Ironically I was there to cover one of the other bands playing that night. Sometimes you can’t help where your music loving heart takes you.

The band was in Londonto play tunes from their new album, Giants & Dreamers. I am loving their new album, it has an infectious Caribbean feel that makes me think I’m on the beach with an umbrella drink in my hand. In reality I’m in crappy London, but at least them usic takes me elsewhere.

They started off the night with their new release “Western Thrills,” an appropriate choice since London is the home of Western University. I adore this song, it has quickly become one of the top played songs on my iPod.

I constantly describe the band’s sound as infectious but that’s the only way to describe it! They just make you want to dance down the street as you listen to them on the way to class…though I try really hard not to dance walk to class. “Western Thrills” makes that a hard thing to do.

They ended the night with their song “White Wolves,” from their 2010 EP. Now this song is my absolute favourite song. It is the song that made me fall in love with them in the first place and it’s the song that I still go to as a pick me up. I may have deafened my friends with my scream when they said they were going to play this.

The only disappointment of the night was the turnout, about a dozen people showed up. In Kingston shows were always packed and there was such an energy from the crowd. The past two shows I have gone to in Kingston for Bravestation have been packed. But Londoners don’t seem to have the same passion for music. Their loss!

As the band was graciously thanking everyone for coming, they said cheers to the people who want to be here. I have to say wherever Bravestation goers, I willingly follow.

If you’re inToronto tonight you should check out their album release party for Giants & Dreamers at the Drake. Or buy their album off ITunes on Tuesday. Trust me when I say this band wiggles their way into your heart and has you embarrassingly dancing on public transportation when you hear their music.


Fifty Shades of Fucked Up

So I finished part one of the Shades of Grey trilogy. And obviously I’m quite traumatized. My dear friend Ahmed told me I wasn’t allowed to read the books because I’m too innocent. He may have been right!

I have a long list of problems with this book. Too many to name really, so here is my condensed version.

1. How is E.L James getting away with clearly plagiarizing Twilight. I know the series was originally Twilight fanfiction. But come on she could have done more then just change the names, she should have changed character descriptions. They are still clearly the Twilight characters. Christian is a perfect controlling god just like Edward. Brunette and clumsy Ana is clearly Bella. And maybe the worst is Jose as Jacob. Just because Jacob is Aboriginal doesn’t mean Jose has to be ethnic too. It’s kind of racist and offensive.

2. This goddess person that Ana always refers to is weird. Who sees another form of themselves commenting on their decisions. No one. Well actually one person, Lizzie McGuire. But the state of Hilary Duff’s career is evidence why an alter-ego on your shoulder is a bad idea.

3. The references to classical novels drives me up the wall. Mainly because they distort what the novels are about. Tess of the D’Urbervilles is not romantic at all. Tess is raped, ruined, gets married, gets abandoned by husband because she isn’t pure, becomes rapist’s mistress, hubby comes back, and then she dies. It’s not a happy story and I don’t appreciate it being portrayed as a romance. This is my problem with Twilight as well. Stephanie Meyer uses Romeo and Juliet and Wuthering Heights as love stories that Bella and Edward emulate. But they’re not love stories, the main characters all die! Heathcliff digs Catherine up out of her grave so he can die with her. That’s not romance. Also these authors have clearly read classic literature, yet they are such poor writers. How does that occur?

4. My mom has read them. Yes to my horror my mother has read all three books and loves them because of the storyline. My mom is very sweet so I believe her when she says she just likes the storyline. But still how gross is it to know your mom has read about spanking for pleasure, bondage and weird vaginal balls. bleh!

As disgusted as I am I still can’t wait to read the next book. This is what I don’t understand, why am I addicted to something so weird. But maybe that’s why Ana lets Christian be her dominant, it’s horrible but inexplicably you want more.