Ode to My BDGs

In April tragedy struck me.

It was an average day on a routine trip to the grocery store. I loaded my groceries and got into the car with my sister. Then it happened–the horrifying sound of ripping as I sat down. I looked and there was a large tear in the upper thigh of my beloved BDG jeans.

As I held back the tears, my sister cried with laughter. She didn’t realize the enormity of the situation. My favourite jeans, the jeans I wore when I felt a fat and wanted to be comfy but still have a perky butt, had just become unwearable.

I had bought the jeans on a whim. I didn’t need them, but they were cute and on sale–which in girl world means you must buy them. So I did. Then my dear friend Jess who worked at the store said “The salesperson told you to buy them skin tight right? Because they get really lose when you wash them.”

I told her I hadn’t bought them skin tight. She gave me that look, you know the one where someone doesn’t want to tell you that you just made a mistake because they love you and don’t want to make you cry. Yeah she gave me that look.

I thought about exchanging them but I’m glad I didn’t. The jeans did sag once I washed them, making them the comfiest jeans ever.

But after two years of loving them they had died.

Then my genius friend Meg suggested we make DIY jean shorts together. We never had time to actually make them together but she inspired me to turn my favourite jeans into my favourite shorts.

I’m sure most people measure their jeans and are very precise when cutting them. That’s not how I roll. I got home from grad school for a three week vacation. I was leaving early the next morning to head to Kingston for a music festival and what better attire for a festival then denim shorts. So in a hurry I just started cutting.

My mom said I was going to look a little bit skanky since I had to cut the jeans really short because the rip was so high in the thigh. But in the end I looked more classy slutty than actually slutty. I then threw them in the wash to make the ends fray.

The best part was I found some old ribbon from a childhood hippie costume. I sewed it onto the back pockets to give my shorts more character. Though I got a little caught up in my Martha Stewart sewing prowess and sewed the one pocket shut. Oops. But really who needs more than one back pocket anyways.


Martha’s job is probably safe from me but I did make a cute pair of shorts at no cost. Plus a flowy top, feather earrings and my beloved ampersand necklace paired with the shorts made the perfect festival outfit.

Stay tuned to find out how I made use of the leftover legs from my jeans…and no I did not make legwarmers, at least not yet.


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