Oh hey mason

So for the past couple months I’ve been inexplicably saving mason jars. I use a jar of spaghetti, clean it out and then stick it in my cupboard for no reason. It’s a bizarre thing to hoard, but lately I’ve been finding decorative uses for all these jars.

Two weeks ago I showed you my gratitude mason jar. It is slowly filling up. In fact the other day I said something negative about myself and my friend said “Where’s your mason jar, you need a travel one for cases like this.” So maybe next I will make some sort of travel mason jar or just keep post-its with me at all times in case of emergency.

I’ve also been using mason jars as candle holders. I painted them and they add a nice bit of colour to my all white living room–student life means no painting your walls, the HORROR.

This is how I made my candle holders…I feel a bit like Pippa Middleton explaining such a simple craft, but if Pips can get away with it so can I. Well my butt looks nothing like hers so maybe I can’t get away with it. But here it is despite my lack of Pippa bum.

1. You need to clean out any sauce remaining in the jar. Then you have to scrub off any labels. I found the best way to do this was running warm water over the label while simultaneously scrubbing at it with a sponge. 

2. Find a colour you like to paint the jar. My  white living room is accented with burgundy and turquoise so I found some dollar store paint in those shades. Then I painted away. You will need multiple layers. I did three and still stare at the mason jars and find spots that clearly need a fourth coat of paint.

3. Stick a ribbon on it because it’s pretty.

4. Add a candle.

Now you have a mason jar doubling as décor and the perfect ambiance setter for a night at home with a glass of wine and a book.



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