A modern day jewelry box

Growing up I always wanted a beautiful jewelry box that I could keep all my treasures in–which at that time would’ve been my Spice Girls necklace and whatever ring I had recently gotten out of the 25 cent candy machine. 

Eventually I got a beautiful pine one that had three drawers to put my jewels in and a mirror on top so I could ogle myself in my fake gems.

Like all things from my childhood, I outgrew my jewelry box. It just didn’t work in my grown-up life.

The problem with jewelry boxes is they don’t show all the jewels you have. And so you forget what you have and never wear it. Luckily, I have found some easy ways to display my jewelry, that is not only functional but adds some sparkly décor to my bedroom.

About a year ago I bought one of those pretty earring racks from Urban Outfitters, you know the ones that look like a bird cage. But then in the process of moving from Kingston to Mississauga and then to London, I lost it. Though I suspect someone stole it…you know who you are and the jewelry Gods will spite you forever.


I refused to spend $30 on another one so I improvised. I took a bronze-coloured piece of string from the Dollar Store and used two pins to string it across my wall. It’s simple, but it works. Plus now my earrings are the first thing I see when I wake-up. There’s nothing better than chandelier earrings at 8 a.m.


For my necklaces I used a yellow fabric covered bulletin board. I think my mom bought it years ago for my bedroom. But I don’t use it any more, so I threw some push pins across the top of it and let my necklaces hang. I only hang one or two necklaces on a pin so my necklaces don’t get all tangled up. Plus, the top of my dresser looked a little boring, so instead of putting my Hugh Dancy poster above it, I put all my necklaces. Though some days I miss drooling over Hugh and his dashingness.


My bracelets stumped me. I just kept them in a box for the longest time. Then my Farmstand Apple candle from the Bath and Body Shop was all burned out and I realized I had found a great bracelet jar. I cleaned out all the wax from the candle using this lovely guide from Aunt Peaches http://www.auntpeaches.com/2012/09/how-to-remove-candle-wax-from-glass.html

It was so easy to do and looks so cute that when my French Garden candle runs out, I will use it to hold my sunglasses.

My modern jewelry boxes perfectly reflect my life now–a poor student who has to be crafty. Now I need to pass on my old jewelry box to another little girl, but she can’t have my Spice Girls necklace.


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