Me and Balls


So you may have noticed I didn’t include athletic as a possible adjective for me. And there is a good reason for that, I don’t have any athletic capability. As a child I played soccer and like to think I was quite good, but then I grew up and had a rather large epiphany.

I don’t like balls near my face.

I tell people this and they laugh very hard thinking I mean it in a different way. And I mean really that’s not very pleasant either. But I mean I do not like balls that are thrown at high speeds coming near my face. I was always the kid who got hit in the face by some sort of ball. I remember in grade five I got smacked in the face by a soccer ball at recess and then walked around all day with a large red mark on my left cheek. It was horrible. Kids made fun of me!

As a result I cringe any time I see someone throwing a ball near me. All those people who play football with one person on one side of the street and the other person on the opposite side… yeah I hate them. Because inevitably I somehow get hit or have nightmares that I will get hit. So I am the girl that sees someone playing football across a street and I glare at them and run for my life through the danger zone.

Despite my large fear of balls I have somehow joined a softball team. I have no ability to throw a ball or catch one, but it is time to get over this fear. I cannot live my life running from balls.

So here begins my journey of getting over my fear and welcoming balls back into my life and near my face. I’m sure much hilarity will ensue from this project.